Theme : Fairytale | Adventure
With family, friends, couple, Team Building

Level :

Alice travelled through the Shattered Looking-Glass,
The prideful King, darkened by his own power
Took the kingdom and drowned it in awful terror.
Join the Hatter if you seek to end his dreadful reign.

The Wonderland you shall enter, and don’t be late,
In the Rabbit’s hole you shall venture, of his wrath beware,
For the ones who are not on time, suffer great pain,
The clock is ticking for the people of our noble realm.

During your quest, you will need to find legends,
Heroes with a honest heart, and extraordinary mind
Don’t wander in the Caterpillar’s fog, keep your senses sharp,
As one would need the brightest ideas to escape the dark.

When the birds’ songs faint away, reaching distant ears,
Follow the feline watcher, seek his guidance and malice
Once the sweet taste of mushrooms invades your lips
Sated you’ll be as the feast blossom your heart in peace.

Theme : Burglary | Exploration
With family, friends, couples, Team Building

Level :

Widely considered the world’s greatest thieves, you’re contacted by a mysterious secret society. The holy grail has been found! .. almost found, anyways, as the last step of this intricate heist is you. The sacred relic is hidden, somewhere in the Louvre museum. Helped by the greatest hacker of our time, you will secretly enter the most famous museum in the world, decrypt the hidden messages left by Leonardo da Vinci and access the museum’s most secret rooms. But beware, as you’ll have to be quick! The alarm system is automatically rebooted every hour. Will you stand up to the task, or will the police finally catch you?

Theme : Prison | Escape | Magic
With family, friends, couples, Team Building

Level :

Are you ready to relive the story of Harry Houdini, the famous illusionist and king of escape? He managed to escape from a prison in front of the guard while he was chained up. You’ll have to reproduce his feat, unravel the secret of his famous disappearance and the opening of his mysterious handcuffs. Will you be able to live up to the Great Houdini?

Theme : Haunted House | Investigation
With family, friends, couples, Team Building

Level :

For a hundred years, a case has been shaking Paris.
The Morel family disappeared from one day to the next inside their mansion. All attempts to investigate the case have failed, leading to the mysterious disappearance of the teams sent to the scene. Neighbors report strange noises and movements in the house at night and believe that paranormal phenomena are taking place. Nevertheless, the police tried to calm the rumors, without succeeding in solving the mystery. One thing is sure, this mansion is not like the others…

In order to close the case once and for all, and to calm down the incessant rumors about it, you will have to gather the best team of investigators to put an end to this investigation. Yet, will you dare to enter the mansion to face the horrors of the past?

So don’t forget your lantern and stick together: in the mansion, light is scarce and no one else will hear you scream…

Theme : Horror | Paranormal
As a couple, or with friends

Level :

« NEVER open this cursed door… Never!

I feel like hell has descended upon me. At night I hear screams, cries, whispers over my shoulder. I think I see shadows from the corner of my eye… I can’t stay here any longer! Let me out, please! »

This message was found in Loft number 13, at 127 Rue Jeanne d’Arc.

This adventure is strongly discouraged for sensitive people and heart patients.



An Escape Game Paris is a life-size game that allows you to dive into a parallel universe! Moreover, you will find yourself in a movie scene in which you are the actors! Once again, you will have to solve riddles, then find hidden objects to move from one room to another through secret passages and all this in less than 60 minutes!

Moreover, we are the innovators of escape games without padlocks, without impossible calculations, without boring puzzles! On the other hand, we offer a lot of different mechanisms, manipulations, few searches and a lot of special effects, which will make your game incredible!

To conclude, don’t forget: reflection, observation and communication will be the most important qualities to face the challenges that our team of Game Masterminds will offer you.