Escape Game : LES DISPARUS

Escape Game : LES DISPARUS

In 1924, the mysterious disappearance of the Morel family made headlines.

Since then, four teams of police officers have succeeded one another to investigate the Morel mansion, a gloomy old building on the verge of collapse. No one has ever come out of it. The inhabitants of the area report strange noises, they think of paranormal phenomena. The police are trying to calm the rumours, but they are unable to solve the mystery. Only one thing is certain: there is something in the mansion. Something that kills anyone who dares to go inside.

In order to close once and for all, and calm the incessant rumours about it, your team, composed of the most experienced investigators, will be in charge of putting an end to this investigation. Will you dare to enter the mansion to confront the horrors of the past? Will you be brave enough to escape alive from this cursed place?

Then don’t forget your lantern and stick together: in the manor, light is scarce and no one else will hear you scream…

Level: Intermediate

Theme : Haunted house | Survey

With family, friends, couples, Team Building and seminars

Minimum age of participants: 14 years old accompanied by an adult, unaccompanied 16 years old





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