Escape Game : Alice

Escape Game "Alice"

Alice travelled through the Shattered Looking-Glass,
The prideful King, darkened by his own power
Took the kingdom and drowned it in awful terror.
Join the Hatter if you seek to end his dreadful reign.

The Wonderland you shall enter, and don’t be late,
In the Rabbit’s hole you shall venture, of his wrath beware,
For the ones who are not on time, suffer great pain,
The clock is ticking for the people of our noble realm.

During your quest, you will need to find legends,
Heroes with a honest heart, and extraordinary mind
Don’t wander in the Caterpillar’s fog, keep your senses sharp,
As one would need the brightest ideas to escape the dark.

When the birds’ songs faint away, reaching distant ears,
Follow the feline watcher, seek his guidance and malice
Once the sweet taste of mushrooms invades your lips
Sated you’ll be as the feast blossom your heart in peace.

Level :

Theme : Fairy | Adventure

With family, friends, couples, Team Building and seminars

Minimum age of participants: 12 years old accompanied by an adult, unaccompanied 14 years old.

Important : This room is not recommended for pregnant women and people with movement difficulties as it has cramped passages.





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